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More easy food for spousey… August 1, 2009

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The past few days, I feel, have been some good practice for when Wayne and I have kids.  This is because: 
1.  I sleep for 2 hour intervals and awaken to dispense medication, adjust “the leg,” and blindly try to get devil cat out from under the bed where he’s slowly destroying whatever is under there. 
2.  As Kate Gosselin once said – “I make a meal, clean up a meal, make a meal, clean up a meal.” 
3.  The only other person in the household is unable to bathe, roll over, or get around without my assistance.   

So, needless to say, the meals have been pretty simple, un-blogworthy, and recipe-less.  But, I’m posting them anyway!

Here is cipple’s lunch.  Kinda looks like something a fifth grader would take to school, huh??


For dinner, I made this chicken which I adapted from a recipe I found on a random food blog awhile back (If it’s yours, let me know!).  I also made some whole wheat mac and cheese and mixed veggies to go along with. 

Garlic brown sugar chicken
Chicken breasts, cut into smaller pieces.  Or you can use the chicken tenders.
Garlic – I used the jarred stuff since I hate cutting it myself.
Butter or margarine and olive oil
Brown sugar

–  Sautee the garlic (about 3 cloves worth??) in some butter or margarine and olive oil.  The original recipe called for just 4 Tbsp butter.  Make sure the garlic doesn’t burn.
–  Season the chicken with salt and pepper, add to pan and cook almost through.
–  Sprinkle some brown sugar over each piece of chicken (maybe 1 tsp or so?).  I also threw in some Frank’s hot sauce because, well, I like it. 
–  Cook a little longer till the chicken is done, letting the “sauce” reduce and get caramely.

The verdict:  I thought this was a nice variation on the standard chicken dinner.  I was kind of apprehensive, thinking it would be too sweet, but the garlic really balanced it out.  I’ll probably be making this again.


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